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Brian Carroll is the founder of IdeaJolt, a high-tech agency that turns your ideas into reality.   For over twenty years Brian has been building creative solutions for customers that amaze users and attract new clients.

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March 7, 2021


About Me.

Brian loves new challenges, and opportunities to leverage new technology solutions to benefit his clients.  

They Say

Robert McNamara

COO, Exelon Clearsight

"Brian is a fantastic innovator. His technical knowledge of system architecture and his ability to analyze problems and apply the right technology to provide effective solutions is unmatched!"

Maren Munoz

Program Manager, MBA

"I worked with Brian at Exelon on a big project that had to come together in a matter of weeks. He is an exceptional collaborator because he is positive, communicative, organized, and responsive, and he is always open to new ideas."

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